An accurate recreation of actual wood grains, digitally printed on a durable commercial grade floor laminate and applied to our extruded aluminum boards. Sold in kit form and shipped complete with Hidden Bolt Center Strips, Stainless Hardware, additional Under Floor Supports and your choice of Wood Grain Patterns and Colors.


  • American made, ECO friendly, man-made product of unlimited supply.

  • A bolt-in lite weight system which is durable and weather resistant.

  • ​Approximately 3X more scratch and scuff resistant than a nicely finished wood floor.

  • ​An extremely stable platform extruded from 6063-T6 "Aircraft quality" aluminum which provides minimum expansion.    Warping and cracking are a thing of the past.  

  • Our rugged polymer based laminate yields similar UV protection to automotive clear coat providing a waterproof, stain proof and chemical resistant finish.

  • Smokey Road Rod Shop digitizes only the highest grade "true old growth wood" in existence and exactly replicates the most beautiful wood grains of the "old world". For beauty and accuracy, every board is professionally printed in high definition.

  • Advantage Aluminum Bed Wood System installs similar to any wood floor. (In some cases, the customer will re-drill their cross sills to accommodate a consistend board width.)

  • Polished Stainless Drop In Bed floors are water jet cut to fit your specific truck and assemble on top of your existing factory steel floor. Each kit comes complete with underfloor frame, polished stainless center strips, tailgate end cap and hardware.

 Frequently  Asked  Questions

How durable is this floor ?
Durability must be considered in two separate categories: physical damage and naturally occurring damage. As to the physical side, our floor laminate is approximately 3X more scratch and scuff resistant than most nicely finished wood floors. Also, our center strips are placed higher above the deck height for additional protection.  As to the natural side, our 6063-T6 Aircraft quality aluminum extrusion is an extremely stable material, therefore, expansion is held to a minimum. 

What about preparation and maintenance ?  
Unlike wooden floors requiring over 40 hours of effort... sanding, staining, varnishing, cutting and fitting, our floors require no preparation time. They are also maintenance free.

What about installation ? 
 Our kits require very little effort to install because they are completely finished right out of the box.
...Installation time should be 3 to 4 hours.
 Chevy owners will re-drill each cross sill to accommodate our custom board width before installation.
 Our boards are held in place via the hidden bolt center strips similar to conventional bed wood. However, the bed to frame bolts install below the boards and create a complete hidden bolt bed floor system.

How does our price compare to a typical wood floor ? 
  At $1150.00 for a complete short Step Side kit, we know we're a few dollars more than the necessary materials for a complete wood floor.  We also know our product offers much more value in the life expectancy  and enjoyment of your truck.

So let's compare products...

  Most shops charge $60-$75 per hour in labor. YOUR TIME HAS VALUE !   Even if your time is valued as low as $35 per hour, the price of our complete floor system is less than your labor alone.
  Consider also the cost of material (wood planks, polished stainless center strips,stainless hardware, varnish, stain, sandpaper, etc.).... So now you understand that our system costs about half of a complete wooden floor. 
  Our floor is weather proof and provides a show quality appearance throughout the life of your truck so you don't park your truck in questionable weather.


Can I use a fuel tank under the floor ?
The addition of a fuel inlet in your floor is no problem. Simply install it as any wood floor but fashion a gasket to go between the filler neck and the floor.

Drop-In bed floors install Easily in only a few hours...
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